Work Party Schedule
A big THANKS to those assisting
Any and All Help Is Appreciated

Gun show shoot work parties
  • Tue Nov 28 5pm Load Trailer
  • Wed. Nov 29 5pm Unload trailer and start setting up at Target building
  • Thurs. Nov 30 5pm Finish setting up for shoot at Target building
  • Fri. Dec. 1 Registration 5 - 8 pm
  • Sat. Dec. 2 Registration and line judges 8am - 4pm
  • Sun. Dec 3 8am - 1pm Registration and line judges. 2pm teardown

Seasonal Activities:
  • Weed Eat
  • Cut Grass
  • Cut in new lanes
  • Rebuild the target faces (Indoor / Outdoor)
  • Requested items: screw guns/drills pliers, etc

Indoor Events:
  • Cut target backing cardboard
  • Empty Trash
  • Sweep, Vaccuum

3D Events:
  • Individuals willing to tow trailers.
  • Load targets, tables... into trailer.
  • Unload and set up for event:
    • Targets and Stakes.
    • Tables, food, water
  • Load everything back into trailers.
  • Unload trailers back at indoor club.
  • Verify scoring for shoot.
  • Enter score data onto web pages.
Club Meeting
3rd Tuesday every month
Contact Information
Public Access
6 pm to 9 pm.
$5 per adult or $10 for a family.