Is one of the oldest
arts still practiced.

Was an important
military and hunting skill.

We are dedicated to the promotion
of all forms of archery.

For us it is
A family sport

Thank you for visiting
and always
Good shooting!

Officer nominations are open until April 1st. Stop by the range and fill out the form and drop into the box.
Voting will be at the annual meeting on April 14 at the indoor range.
There will be a potluck dinner beginning at 6pm. Meeting will begin at 7pm.

Indoor 3D
April 20-21 Indoor Range
Check work party page for listed work party's
Indoor League Events
3D League
Indoor Range
Monday's, 6:30pm

Paper League
Thursday's 7pm
Public Access
6 pm to 9 pm.
$5 per adult
$10 for a family.
Indoor Range
Club Meeting
3rd Tuesday every month
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